Monday, 20 July 2015

Fundraising in Old Buckenham

Enjoying the garden party
On the evening of Saturday 18 July there was the chance to go to the annual evening garden party at the home of John and Barbara Frost. The weather was perfect for looking round the garden, talking, drinking wine, eating lots of homemade goodies as well as spending money on the tombola stall and the well-stocked raffle.
The aim was to raise funds for All Saints Church and this was a very pleasant way to do it. The evening was enlivened by a low flyover by a red kite at the same time as a brief appearance of a circumzenithal arc (just google up-side-down rainbow for more details) in the sky above the garden.
People arrived by many means of transport and eventually moved off home clutching their prizes under their arms.

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Rog said...

Great pics Mr Editor! I wouldn't dare wear that tee shirt myself ;-)