Monday, 19 May 2014

Chanter's Jigge revisit Old Buckenham

Time for Rufty Tufty

Malcolm and Elizabeth Ecclestone have performed together for thirty years. They were founder members and directors of the Norwich Waits, The Radio Dance Band and Manhattan Magic Jazz Duo. They have appeared in films and television and have performed extensively in this country and abroad. Chanter's Jigge brings together the diverse styles of music with which they have entertained countless audiences over the years. Chanter's Jigge was formed in 2012 and the highlight of the first year was the invitation to perform a number of concerts at the Milan International Book Fair. Such was the popularity of their appearances that they have been invited to return.
The instruments that Elizabeth plays include the hurdy gurdy, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, sopranino, descant and treble recorders as well as her voice.
Malcolm plays the bagpipes, small pipes in D, the recorder, curtal, saxophones, whistles, rauschpfeife, crumhorn, chalumeau and he also sings.
The afternoon's entertainment of music and words entitled ‘Rufty Tufty’ will visit the Tudor court of Queen Elizabeth I, march with the Duke of Wellington's soldiers to do battle with Napoleon and later cross a sandy Arabian desert. In Scotland there is a visit a brooding loch with all its changing moods and later a chance to go to an Irish pub and slay the odd dragon on the way.
You can come along and join in the fun by singing the choruses of the well-known folk songs, clapping your hands, stamping your feet or rattling your jewellery to the lively jigs.
Admission is by programme costing £5 (children £2.50, family tickets £15) available by ringing 01953 860845 or at the door on the day of the concert.

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