Thursday, 27 March 2014

Old Buckenham April newsletter now available

It's got daffodils on the cover
Copies have now been taken around the village for you to pick (or you may be lucky to get one put through your letterbox by some of the volunteers who also deliver the Six Villages newsletter).
If you have moved into Old Buckenham during the last fifteen years you might not know how these displays of daffodils came into being. They were planted at all the entrances to the village (by the 30mph signs) in the autumn of 1999. They first flowered in 2000 and formed part of the millennium celebrations. Volunteers from several village organisations helped by planting many sacks full of bulbs.
Despite being dug up for road works and telephone cables as well as being trimmed early by the verge cutters, they have survived quite well and still produce a colourful display.

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