Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Busy weekend at Old Buckenham Village Hall

Questions, sausages and cycles
Even the morning of Saturday 22 March was a busy time at the village hall as the organisers of the evening's quiz were busy peeling potatoes and putting out tables and chairs. By the time the ten teams arrived in the evening everything was ready for them to get down to answering eight rounds of questions and, in between, enjoy a wonderful meal of sausages, mashed potato, beans, onions and gravy.
This time it was the turn of Old Buckenham WI (as winners of the last quiz) to set the questions. Susan Hunter had prepared the questions and answers for eight rounds and a table show while the job of questionmaster(?) was carried out by Patricia Shearing.
The meal was served halfway through the evening giving a bit more time to work through the fifty questions on the table show sheet. This table show was marked and the raffle drawn after the last question had been asked and so gave time for the markers to add up the final scores. The final order was:

 1. Figgifens 62

2=. Willy Nilly 60

2=. Old Buckenham WI 60

4. Vicky's Mob 57

5. Old Buckenham High School 56

6. Foursomes 54

7. The Millers 54

8. Two and Two 53

9. Making Up The Numbers 49

10. Quiz Busters 41

(there were some half points won as well but the computer does not want to print them in a reasonable form)

 Table show winners, Vicky's Mob, clutching their Easter egg prizes
The delighted Figgifens team, winners of the main quiz
On Sunday 23 March a younger crowd, with more families, had gathered to see The Lion King film. This was a free event, the unique attraction being that the projector was powered by volunteers who had to keep pedalling bikes to keep the picture on the screen. 
This time the food was more popcorn and lollipops to provide a special cinema experience.


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