Sunday, 5 January 2014

Old Buckenham picture show

Saturday evening pictures

There were over forty people at the village hall on Saturday night to watch what will hopefully be the first of a season of film showings. The age of many of the audience meant that they were most likely to remember Saturday morning pictures as their introduction to cinema going. Even so they enjoyed their evening's entertainment. The film, Red 2, was a fast flowing modern adventure with lots of very clever filming, car chases, destructive fights and locations all over the world. The American dialogue was difficult to follow at times but when the English actors were speaking it was as clear as can be. Perhaps the American drawl is just too much for many of us.
The slight technical hitch around halfway through did bring back memories of those Saturday mornings in the local cinema. The homemade refreshments and the drinks from the bar though were a great improvement on those olden days.
Rumour has it that the next showing will be more of a comedy and less of a transatlantic showcase. This should attract an even bigger crowd for a good night out at a reasonable price.

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