Saturday, 9 November 2013

Tonight's talk in Old Buckenham

Get some local history
Unless you were listening to BBC Radio Norfolk this morning you will have missed this:
Just fast forward about 2 hours 19 minutes in to hear what is on in the Old Buckenham village hall tonight.
Tickets should still be available at the door.


Anonymous said...

A great night, interesting.

Samantha Bird said...

Thanks to John Balls and Ron Brewer for organising a thoroughly interesting talk. Especially interesting was the history of Ellen Bird from Old Buckenham as my family are Birds from here.

Samantha Bird said...

Hi Ron, Samantha here! Do you have any details about the Christmas music night being held at the village hall (I think) There was a flier where the calendars were being sold but the table had been cleared when I went back to look. Can you email me if you have any details? Thanks ps it was lovely to meet you.