Monday, 27 June 2011

Icebergs and show dogs

Members to the rescue
Difficulties and disasters come in threes, they say, and this has proved to be right for Old Buckenham WI in 2011. They have had two speakers cancel earlier in the year and the speaker this month ‘forgot’ his booking too. Still Old Buckenham members are a hardy lot and two ladies volunteered to give talks about the unexpected events in their lives.
Jenny North regaled members with a tale of luck and good fortune. When she entered a newspaper competition in December 2007 little did she think that she would win a trip of a lifetime. In January 2008 the call came to ask her if she could be ready to embark on a cruise of Antarctica. Within a week, Jenny had flown to Buenos Aries and then onto Ushala to board the ship bound for the southern ocean and continent. She told about ‘Iceberg Alley’, the penguin colonies and whales, and the pristine environment. The ten day cruise, complete with informative lectures, soon came to an end and the rather choppy seas were navigated back to Argentina and finally home.
A very different tale was told by member, Jean Bornett. Jean is an animal lover and when she went looking for a new puppy to join her menagerie she was offered a Hungarian Vizsla. These are working dogs and Jean had high hopes for Joe to be a champion. Jean and Joe have travelled the British Isles together competing at shows and they have the silverware to prove that Joe is indeed a champion. Now a veteran of the show circuit, Jean has high hopes that his son will prove to be equally successful.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the impromptu talks and all were grateful to the volunteers.
After the tea break all were reminded of the Norwich history walk with a blue badge guide that would take place the next evening and the annual Progressive Supper that would be held in July.

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