Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The future of farming and libraries

Debate, plants and socialising were the three dominating features of the May meeting of Old Buckenham Women’s Institute.
The WI is well known for its campaigns and every year they have to decide which proposed resolutions they will support and ask their delegate to vote for, or against, at the Annual General Meeting.
Barbara Stone and Nancy Hunt had attended an information day on Old Buckenham’s behalf and reported back to the meeting regarding the two resolutions put forward. Nancy outlined the information supporting ‘Mega Farms’ that had been presented by a farmer and an agricultural journalist. Both said how people must endorse large farming units for pigs and cows to provide a secure and sustainable supply of food at a reasonable cost to the consumer. They indicated that these farms would be highly regulated and the welfare of the animals paramount. There was no speaker to oppose these views. Why? The Old Buckenham meeting then discussed the issues involved and voted unanimously to support the WI Resolution against these large units or mega farms.
Barbara reported on the second Resolution regarding ‘Closure of Libraries’ nationwide. Fortunately in Norfolk there are no proposals to close libraries although opening hours may be reduced. The meeting was reminded that libraries will be closing in other parts of the country. Again, after some discussion, the Resolution went to the voteand Old Buckenham decided to support the WI Resolution with only one abstention.
During an extended tea break members were encouraged to buy plants from the May plant stall. With the many avid gardeners in Old Buckenham those donated plants were guaranteed a good home. Many members brought plants along to sell and then went home again with a bagful or two of other plants they had bought, managing to raise £20 for the funds in the process.
The next meeting is on Thursday 23 June and speaker will be Charles Garland with ‘From Vicar’s Son to BBC Producer’ The competition is for “A snapshot of you as a child”. Will members be able to guess who is who?

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