Friday, 6 May 2011

Old Buckenham election results

Who has been chosen?
The results of the elections for our District councillor and members of the Old Buckenham parish council have now been declared.

The result for the district councillor to represent Buckenham ward is at

The basic details are
Tim BORNETT 127 votes
Roger FRYATT 95 votes
Adrian JOEL 520 votes (elected)
This is from an electorate of 1392 giving a turnout of just over 53%.

The parish council results are on the Breckland Council website

The votes cast were:

Paul BOGGIA 260 votes

Akis CHRlSOVELlDES 170 votes

Sarah DYE 210 votes

John FROST 332 votes

Timothy lNG 239 votes

Adrian JOEL 415 votes

Tom JOHNSON 173 votes

Jonathan KEMP 203 votes

Carol MARSHALL 230 votes

Joanne PEAKS 158 votes

Derek SMALLEY 177 votes

Sarah WINDLE 188 votes

All are therefore elected to the Old Buckenham parish council apart from Joanne Peaks.

There was a turnout of just over 51% from an electorate of 1030.

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