Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What the councillors said

April Parish Council
Eight members of the public came along to the April meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council. All the councillors attended.
The minutes of the March Parish Council meeting were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Tim Ing said that the village had been awarded £500 in the Pride in Norfolk Village competition and suggested that the Parish Clerk should contact those involved in winning the award asking for their suggestions how the money should be spent. Adrian Joel raised the matter of the PAYE outsourcing and the cost. Parish Clerk gave an explanation as to why he considered it to be best solution and the reasons for choosing the outsource company who were a middle cost for the type of service. The matter would be reviewed in a year’s time.
Allotments. Adrian Joel said a new lease agreement had been signed and he thanked Tim Ing for all the work he had put into the project. Tim Ing said water is in and stand pipes have been fitted. Amendments to tenancy agreements will have to be made in October. Fencing of the allotments will be carried out next week. The increased rent from £600 to £650 per year was discussed and also the new overall plot size of the allotments. The entrance to the site will be improved with hardcore being put down and the matting installed for parking vehicles.
Doe Lane Meeting notes. Adrian Joel said this should be taken forward by the new Parish Council. Tim Ing said there were things that could be brought forward and that they could be prioritised and Parish Council look at them. The item to be put on May agenda.
War Memorial. Gerald Norton raised this matter that had been discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting. He said there was only £18 left in the fund and it cost approximately £500 to clean the memorial every three years. He asked if they could have a grant for this work. It was suggested that an application to the Former Highway’s Surveyors Land trust could give a grant. Gerald Norton asked it the Parish Council could precept for the cost. Tom Johnson referred the meeting to the February issue of Breckland Council news which had an item on war memorials in it. The Parish Clerk gave details of funding of war memorials under the Local Government Act but said there was no provision for taking ownership. He would contact the War Memorial Trust on the whole matter.
Youth Council. Adrian Joel said a young member of the village spoke at the Annual Parish Meeting about possibly starting a Youth Council. It was agreed to put the matter on the May agenda for the new Parish Council to look at.
Play Area photographs. Adrian Joel raised the possibility of archives at Scales Farm which could house interesting things relating to Old Buckenham. An item would be put in monthly newsletter to see if anyone would volunteer as an archivist to look after them and residents could go look at what was being held.
Planning applications. Crown Lane Cottages. Erection of two small wind turbines. No objections from the Parish Council.
31 Oaklands. Demolish old wall and erect new wall. No objections from the Parish Council.
Ragmere Farm. Erection of single story extension. No objections from the Parish Council.
Tall Trees. Install small wind turbine. No objections from the Parish Council.
Dairy Barn, Cake Street. Minor materials change. No objections from the Parish Council.
Harlingwood Lane. Erection of dwellings and garages. Objected to as outside village boundary, this was agreed with 6 for, 1 abstention and 3 against.
Dairy Barn, Cake Street. Glazed screen to kitchen on rear elevation. Parish Clerk to tell Breckland no objections.
Planning decisions received from Breckland.
5 St Andrews Close. Alteration and extension to dwelling. Permission granted.
Davarac, Cake Street. Change flat roof to pitched roof. Permission granted.
District Councillor's report. Breckland have completed the formation of a Joint Management Team with South Holland District Council and now have expected savings of £500,000 per year with the reduction of 35 to 17 managers. With effect from April, Breckland’s Anglia Revenue Partnership had added St Edmundsbury to the group which already includes Forest Heath and East Cambridgeshires District Councils. This should bring in extra revenue to Breckland.
Parish Councillors' reports. Trevor Crook said he had the planning application book and emergency plan for the new Parish Council. Adrian Joel said that George Aitken wanted to pass on his thanks to Parish Council for their hard work over the past four years. Adrian Joel also said that Crown Road still had a water leak, the Parish Clerk to speak to Anglia Water on matter. He then raised the matter of the sign on village green and said it was maybe a permanent item and had permission been obtained from theGreen Right Proprietors? Carol Marshall said a recreation area working party had been held recently and three main items were discussed including the maintenance contract for the area where they were trying to get prices down. A business plan was nearly completed and just awaiting some final figures. They are also going to see some goals posts that have been offered to see if they are suitable. Adrian Joel said there is some ‘Section 106’ money available for recreational purposes and Carol Marshall said they would look into it. She then asked if the Scouts could do a stone picking session on the area. Mike Craven-Romain said he would ask them and also an item would be put in the village newsletter asking for volunteers to assist. Gerald Norton said Old Buckenham Village Hall would be having a fete this year and asked if they could have the use of the Recreation Area for this event. Carol Marshall said it would be discussed at the next working party meeting. Derek Smalley raised matter of voting at an Annual Parish Meeting and the Parish Clerk explained the system and also that any vote was not binding on a Parish Council but they would look at any matter. Derek Smalley also attended a meeting of local SNAT meeting in March and saw the co-ordinator of the Home Watch team. The ACT thank you letter is to be put in the circulation folder. Tom Johnson said that he attended a Town and Parish Forum meeting at Breckland and found it very informative. Tim Ing said the play area would need an annual inspection in June and Mike Craven-Romain said one will be carried out, this item to be put on the May Agenda. The meeting was informed by Mike Craven-Romain that vandalism was carried out at the play area the previous week and damage was done to fencing. Some repairs have already been carried out but he was awaiting some parts to complete the work. Also a new catch had been fitted to the gate as the last one was stolen. Derek Smalley raised the matter of oil consortiums and said Banham had a scheme up and running with approx 24 members. Norman Cawston said this was also his last meeting having been on the Parish Council for 20 years and the last four years as Chairman. He thanked all the councillors for their hard work and wished new council well. He also thanked the Parish Clerk for his work since joining the Parish Council.
Highways. Adrian Joel said Norfolk County Council (NCC) had extra money for pothole work and suggested asking NCC to inspect roads in Old Buckenham and carry out repairs. The Clerk informed the meeting that Norfolk County Council were prioritising pot holes in terms of size and depth. The budget was not enough to fill all pot holes and the Clerk would raise matter with Highways on the next visit of the Rangers Team.
The Green. Tim Ing said a meeting will be held by the Green Right Propritors (GRP) in April. Adrian Joel raised the matter of the ‘fish & chip’ sign on the Green and said that planning permission would be needed for a permanent sign. Adrian Joel asked what the situation was in regard to the maintenance of the Green between the Parish Council and the GRP. Carol Marshall raised the matter of parking at Barbers Yard and asked if the GRP could increase the parking space available. Tim Ing will raise the matters at the next meeting. Tim Ing then said that there could be a public meeting on Saturday 21 May with the GRP and residents. Norman Cawston agreed to cut the grass along the footpaths on the Green.
The next Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 12 May in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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