Monday, 20 December 2010

Managing the Green

Picnic tables

The chairman of the Green Rights Proprietors has provided the following information.
The Old Buckenham Green Rights Proprietors’ appeal against the earlier decision in their claim against the Ox & Plough Limited for £160 unpaid levy on the picnic table area on the Green was heard by His Honour Judge Darroch on Friday 17 December. The Judge upheld the appeal and ordered the Ox & Plough Limited to pay £160 plus a £25 court fee.
The Judge stated that he found that the Proprietors had shown they had the right to manage the Green and collect reasonable rents, wayleaves, etc, from those using the Green in order to finance the upkeep and maintenance of the Green.
The Proprietors were represented by their solicitor Peter Rollin. Alison Frank and Mike Read were present as were Mark and Sally Bishop together with several other Old Buckenham residents. Terry Cracknell, as Lord of the Manor, asked if he might make a statement and answer any questions and the Judge thanked him for the information he was able to give to the Court.

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