Friday, 27 August 2010

Possible developments

Community meeting
The previous government asked Breckland Council to provide a minimum of 19,100 additional homes before 2026. Of these Breckland have identified Attleborough as a place to accommodate 4,500. In accordance with this strategy, land between the railway and just this side of Bunns Bank has been promoted to provide this growth, a site that would be nearer to Old Buckenham than the existing town of Attleborough.
What effect would such a development, approximately ten times the size of our village, have on the community of Old Buckenham?
The Parish Council have invited Richard Middleton, Chairman of Attleborough Community Team, supported by the Town Council and other relevant bodies, to come to the Village Hall on Saturday 11 September at 10am to inform those in Old Buckenham on possible developments, infrastructure and the progress to date. On completing his talk, he will take questions.
If you are interested in the future of Old Buckenham, please make every effort to attend. Such development, without consideration to our infrastructure, could be disastrous.
One proposal is a new road from Breckland Lodge to Bunns Bank. What effect would this have on through traffic? What provision would be made for education? Much of the proposed development would be closer to Old Buckenham schools than those schools that exist at present in Attleborough. A supermarket is suggested at Bunns Bank, how about our one remaining shop? What proposals are there for public transport, etc? What effect would such development have on local property prices?
This is only the start so come along Saturday 11 September at 10am and have your say. Our parish councillors will also be in attendance.

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Anonymous said...

Such a massive development is scarey. The Diss Attleborough Road would end up becoming either a solid traffic jam or a dual carriageway. Personally, I don't fancy either. The Attleborough one way system would collapse and the train crossing would have to be altered to cater for the extra traffic. And PPLLEEAASSEE no supermarket at Bunn's Bank...I can see Tesco's sharpening their lawyers' quills and dusting off their wigs even now....