Monday, 12 July 2010

Sowing the first seeds

An Allotment Society
A meeting was held at the Church Rooms on Saturday 26 June to set up the Old Buckenham Allotment Society. Eighteen people attended and it was agreed that Tim Bornett would chair this inaugural meeting.
It was formally agreed to establish an Old Buckenham Allotment Society and discussion took place on its function and its purpose.
The Society is to be open to all individuals who live in the parish or immediate neighbourhood and who have an interest in allotments or wish to obtain a plot in the future. Some basic rules were adopted after further discussion and debate. As the proposed constitution would allow the rules to be amended if at least half of all members agreed, it was decided to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach to any rule changes.
The following were elected as officers. Tim Bornett would be chairman, Keith Hodgson secretary and Tom North treasurer.
The meeting agreed to seek affiliation to the National Allotment and Leisure Society and the secretary would write to the Parish Council informing them of the formation of the society.
There was general debate on the provision of allotments in the Parish and it was agreed to write to the Parish Council asking for their working party on allotments to meet more often and provide feedback. Decisions on who would run the allotments would await model rules from the National Allotment and Leisure Society and an agreement with the Parish Council. A person wanting an allotment does not necessarily have to belong to Old Buckenham Allotment Society. Some two acres of land would be needed to provide up to 18 plots and there was discussion on the suitability of possible sites including the provision of water and access to the plots.
It was agreed that members would pay £5 as a joining fee and that the treasurer would collect this at the next meeting which would be held on Monday 12 July.

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