Saturday, 22 May 2010

Remember, remember the fourth of September

Village Fete
At the initial meeting to discuss the possibility of another fete in the village this year, those in attendance were unanimous that the success of last year's event showed that there is enough interest for this to become an annual event. Also that as the community appeared to have enjoyed the format of 2009, it would be sensible not to change very much this year.
As it was just the initial gathering of representatives from the various bodies within the village few decisions were made, but since then bookings have been made for entertainment provided by Morris dancers, Punch & Judy, and the ever popular Drummers. The next meeting about the fete is on Monday 24 May, followed by a further meeting on Monday 5 July. Please come along, contribute your views and help make the event on Saturday 4 September even better than last year.

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