Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Past your playtime?

More on the toy bank
The toys need to be in good condition or to be fairly easily repaired. They will be sold to third world countries as a basis for new sustainable businesses, to build local economies. The Old Buckenham village hall will receive £25 per tonne for the toys and also a recycling credit, currently £44.90 per tonne, from the County Council. Items too large to be put into the toy bank can be collected separately. This is an experiment and it will probably take the village a long time to collect a tonne, given the quantity of plastic now used for toys.
However the local textile collections started at around £50 per tonne and have got much more valuable as the trade has built up.
So have a clearout this half term and then visit the Village Hall car park to deposit the goods. The children will probably enjoy it and do others a good turn at the same time.

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