Monday, 7 December 2009

One thousand one hundred and eighty-three squares

At the big square draw
It was a very entertaining, and for many a very rewarding, afternoon and evening at the Church Rooms in Old Buckenham at the culmination of the village’s big square draw. Over the last month or so visitors to the village shop have been able to choose their own squares at £1 each. As a result £1183 was raised and it was all spent on prizes bought at the best prices that the village shop could obtain.
At the draw there was entertainment, sponsored by Old Buckenham Stores, by singer Jessica Todd. After her first set, Father Christmas was on hand to make the draw for the first prize of a hamper of various groceries and goodies worth at least £100. This was won by Garry Webb with the next hamper (worth £75) going to Mr Halliwell and the £50 hamper being collected by Maureen Bunn. The draw for a further ninety prizes took place throughout the evening with more music from Jessica Todd to keep the evening going with a swing.
Father Christmas had small presents for the younger people present and there were also free refreshments and drinks. Donations made towards the cost of the refreshments amounted to £85 and will be given to Quidenham Hospice (EACH).
This was a community project with the aim of having an enjoyable event for all those in the village and those using the village shop. Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of the organiser, Janet Moore, and the Old Buckenham Stores this aim was successfully achieved and a good time was had by all who attended and also those 93 people who were winners in the draw.

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