Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas crib

In the money
The December crib drive saw a good turnout. The winners were Doris Monkhouse, Richard Cockerill, Tommy Mack and Bill Cheesley.
There will be no crib in January because the first Friday in the month happens to be New Years Day so the next crib drive will be on Friday 5 February.
The December numbers club draw saw two £25 winners who were Gordon Bertram and Iris Lancaster, the £10 winners were Dave Jones and Joan Jenkins, and the £5 winners were Stuart Barker, Mary Askew, Adrian Brinded, Jean Garwood and the Flower Club.
It is hoped that everyone who is in the numbers club will be willing to renew in January and if anyone in the village would like to join please ring Jill on 01953 860551. It costs just £12 per year, and you have the chance every month to win £10 or £5. Every six months there is an extra £25 prize and at Christmas another extra £25. Any profit left after disbursement of the prize money goes to support the village hall.

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