Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Awaiting opening date

Windmill information
Earlier this blog contained a short note to announce the delay to the opening of the Windmill for the 2009 season. The reason for the delay was the need to finalise work shown to be necessary by the recent health and safety risk assessment undertaken for Norfolk Windmill Trust, who own and oversee the mill.
The local volunteer Windmill Committee stands ready to assist, where appropriate, in the revised arrangements but will not be able to open the mill until the arrangements have been agreed with the Trust and volunteer rota duties arranged. This is likely to include any necessary training for specific fire, and other, duties.
At the present time, a date for completion of this preparatory work has not been set. Accordingly the Committee is unable to prepare volunteer rotas and to set a date for opening again. As soon as there is a firm plan in place a further note will be put in the Village Newsletter and also on the http://www.banhamandthebucks/ website.
Any member of the Windmill Committee (Murray Curtis, Gerald Norton, Alan Blakey, Pete Twissell and John Frost) will be pleased to give the up-to-date position to anyone who needs to know or wishes to enquire about a possible future group visit. The Windmill Committee apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this has caused.

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