Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A year is a long time in parish politics

Annual Parish meeting
The Annual Parish meeting was held in the Village Hall last Friday. A fuller report will have to wait until the minutes become available to read.
There were not many people in the audience to hear what the parish council has been up to over the last twelve months. There were plenty of projects that had been completed or moved on significantly during the year such as the safe route to school, the entrance to the burial ground and the recreation area behind the village hall. Little progress had been made on the management of the Green and this subject did provoke much lively, even heated, discussion. As you can see in the photo, the parish clerk, the chairman and vice-chairman followed the discussion with interest.
Reports on the community car scheme, management of the village hall, village newsletter and the village charity showed that there are people in the village giving their time and energy to making this a better place to live. Also on the positive side, two village mums made a point of thanking the parish council for getting the new piece of footpath installed and said how much it had improved their journeys.

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