Saturday, 10 January 2009

What a party...

Traditional celebration
The “Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party” has again provided the chance for many of the older village residents to sit down together for a most enjoyable afternoon. There were over eighty people gathered together in the village hall on Saturday 10 January to eat, drink, be entertained and, of course, talk.
There were a couple of quiz sheets on the ready-laid tables to keep everyone busy before the meal started. Then a full roast beef dinner was served up to everyone. Each table was also provided with wine, soft drinks, crackers and mints and there was a selection of sweets followed by cheese and biscuits and then tea or coffee to wash it all down.
The after-dinner entertainment was provided by the duo “Michael Ruston and Helen” who sang their way through a wide variety of songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Audience participation was encouraged and soon everyone was singing along.
There was time for a couple of cards of bingo (with cash prizes) before tea and hot mince pies were served. There was also a large free raffle with lots of prizes and the tables getting most marks in the quizzes were able to take away yet more prizes.
Eileen Oliver had taken on the responsibility for this year’s meal and took the opportunity to thank all those who had helped to make the event possible. There were those who had run events such as cream teas and bingo sessions to raise funds during 2008 and the village OB2000 Trust who had provided a substantial grant towards the cost. Thanks were also due to all the helpers, both young and old, who had prepared vegetables, cooked the food, served it to the tables, cleared it away and then washed up. In particular she mentioned her husband Brian and Julie, the cook, for their support throughout.
It was left to Ron Brewer to thank Eileen for her major part in making sure that everyone had had such an enjoyable afternoon.

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