Sunday, 18 January 2009

Book recycling

Early warning of booksale
The Village Environment and Recycling Group's next booksale, the fifth, will take place on Sunday 17 May in the Church Rooms. As usual, there will be secondhand books at bargain prices and, it is hoped, another selection of new but damaged items being recycled at a fraction of the published price.
This year the organisers intend to provide a much more comfortable area for children to browse and to extend the area given to their books (always presuming plenty of children’s books are donated). The Old Buckenhan Women’s Institute will once again be providing delicious light refreshments and there is no entry fee so you will be able to come along for a browse and chat, if not to stock up on reading matter.
Collection boxes will be put out as usual nearer the time. In the meantime, please collect up books you have read and do not want to keep. If you can store them a bit longer it will be appreciated but, if you are really desperate for the space in your home, early collection can be arranged. Ring 01953 452716 for details.

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