Friday, 21 November 2008

Four to become three

Bottles and paper make money
Contributors are reminded there is no longer any need to separate different coloured glass going into the village hall bottle banks since all are mixed up in collection. Once the contract on four banks runs out at the end of the financial year it is planned to reduce to three containers to save on annual rental (£82.68 per bank). The collection charge is £13.40 per tonne. These charges are deducted from the recycling credits; there is no payment for the material.
The village gets a better deal for paper since the contract is direct with Aylesford Newsprint which does not pay for material but does not charge for collection either, so the village hall gets the recycling credit in full.
Income from recycling has become an important contributor to the maintenance of the village hall, so please continue to bring paper and glass (especially those of you who are regular users of the car park, often for non village hall activities).

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